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Technological innovations have always had a strong impact on many aspects of everyone’s life. One of these is Augmented Reality which has changed, among other things, the way children are educated and entertained.

First of all, Augmented Reality enhances and combines the physical reality with the digital one through mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, for example by projecting images in front of one’s eyes.

It is easy to imagine how such technology can be appreciated by children and their infinite curiosity. Classic fairy tales, for example, could become even more exciting for the little ones if their characters came to life as it they jumped off the screen to be seen and known up close.                     

The ingredients of success 

In order to make a successful product you need:  

  • A fairy tale: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Hansel and Gretel, The Little Mermaid, The Ugly Duckling and many others are stories loved by children all over the world. Fairy tales contain universal truths and moral guidance and unite children and adults.
  • An App: downloadable to a mobile device, it offers the ability to read or listen aloud to children’s favorite fairy tales, even in different languages. 
  • Augmented Reality: transforms the fairy tale into reality, making the protagonists come alive and allowing children to play and interact with them simply by framing with the camera of their mobile device the pages of the book.   

This is the right combination of ingredients that stimulates not only the imagination and creativity but also the manual and logical skills of the child. All in an opportunity for learning and fun shared with older children. The possibility of combining innovative content with the fairy tale can in fact add value to a typical moment in the daily life of a family, such as bedtime. 

The role of parents

Another benefit for parents is that they can mediate and guide the use of mobile devices by their children, who we can  now consider digital natives. In fact, it’s important that children’s first contacts with technology are balanced and constructive, and that adults promote a conscious and appropriate of digital instruments. 

It is therefore necessary to choose quality applications that are relevant to the age of the child and to encourage the child to combine virtual and real play.

The solution? Augmented Reality.

The benefits of Augmented Reality in terms of improving and optimizing the experience for everyone are undoubted. 

In the case of children, Augmented Reality helps to realize the dreams of children of all ages that can learn by playing!

With the use of these amazing technologies, at AR Market we bring these dreams to life with our fairy tales and interactive books that you can find on our website:

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