We develop Virtual Reality solutions with proprietary standardized products (Saas) or “customized development” for our clients, for labour safety, customer care, soft/hard skills training, remote assistance, education.

We create immersive experiences for a new way to interact amongst people, companies and institutions, where each individual becomes “the protagonist” of new virtual challenges with elements of “gamification”.

We offer “turnkey packages” including rental of hardware and we assist our clients along the digitalization process. We personalize the most innovative “cardboards” for companies, events, exhibitions, museums and schools, so that those can allow their customers to use their mobile devices as a portal for a new way to communicate, educate and transmit culture.

We create VR experiences for the following sectors:

Training/Industry 4.0




We step-change the company training through virtual experiences, situational or randomized, contextualized to the environment or specific activities; we analyze people behaviour and combine the repetition of gestures with logics of gamification, to provide the best in class training to people. We aim at creating digital certifications equivalent to the traditional ones, by using all the forefront technology to facilitate and accelerate job hiring.

We create analytics from the virtual experiences (AR/VR), used by trainees to improve their own behaviour or by companies both as a tool for better recruiting or to highlight gaps and opportunities for employees’ development.By analyzing the reaction timing, we can develop secondary missions, observe the different levels of experience, up to enriching the virtual content with artificial intelligence for evolving experiences. Also, you can learn directly from workers how to improve the training, for a unique transmission of know-how across generations.


We reshape Education in order to be contextualized and competitive vs. the world of entertainment. We use 360° images and we create virtual environments to bring to life new ways to interact with culture and teachers/trainers. We develop interactive and multilanguage “avatar”, educational games and virtual experiences to improve the learning process, combining fun and culture. We make learning more interactive and memorable, even from remote, enabling virtual communities for a broader and more effective exchange of knowledge.


AR/VR Training is highly scalable, a single trainer with a limited number of devices can train an unlimited number of resources, with advantages in terms of effectiveness and efficiency, for example, by reducing commutation costs, costs for printing and update of training material and completely overcoming the language barrier. Indeed, our solutions can be developed and customized based on the expected results each of our client wants to achieve.

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