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What are the new trends for social media?

Social networks are a key part of any digital marketing strategy, let’s find out the new trends for social media to keep them up to date and attractive.

The year 2021 like 2020 is still full of uncertainties, as a result people are seeking refuge in brands; one tip is to monitor the state of the pandemic and always think about what messages you want to convey through social platforms to empathies and help your community overcome difficulties and feel better.

One of the new trends in social networking has been the rise of gamer communities. Social media can’t turn its back on these new fan bases; we have to approach them by speaking their language, find new communication channels such as Twitch, and understand who is in our target audience, to attract them, creating ad hoc content so that these communities reflect themselves in our brand.

Nostalgia Marketing

The revival of classic elements in a modern key is the connecting thread between many of the trends identified.

Nostalgia marketing is a specific branch of communication that includes all those contents that base their legitimacy on the imitation of a model that is known and esteemed by the reference target.

Linking positive moments and memories to a brand position it very well in the eyes of consumers.

Remix is the new User Generated Content

Snapchat anticipated what is now clearly the trend to follow online.

Now, in fact, with the exploit of TikTok, especially among the younger generations, the (personal) manipulation of an already known content is definitely the trend of the moment; because it allows the audience to recognize already known elements and see them reinterpreted with increasing creativity, making them easily shareable and viral.


According to their definition, memes are: “elements of a culture or a system of behaviour, replicable and transmissible by imitation from one individual to another or from one instrument of communication and expression to another”; the same link that in fact binds them to the previous remix.

Over the years, thanks to their versatility, memes have confirmed an almost infinite potential for expansion.

Memes are here to stay and companies have understood this.

In 2021, the four key points of online conversation reflect what have become the unwritten daily rules we have had to get used to in these pandemic years: Community, Contactless, Cleanliness, Compassion.

The digital market is coping better with the crisis than its ‘offline’ counterpart, and it is precisely because of this that growth opportunities depend on how it knows how to exploit virtual spaces. So-called “phygital”, or the hybridisation of online and offline commerce, will be essential to secure an audience and stay afloat.

The boom in video content continues

Both short and long-form videos are among the most shared content on social media.

YouTube is second only to Facebook in terms of active users. Instagram, however, could be considered the main hub for influencers.

And, of course, there is TikTok, which is flying higher and higher and gaining more and more users.

Colour block in the feed

Colour blocking is a technique invented by the artist Mondrian. Colour blocks gave the name to this new trend, using opposite colours and matching them to create interesting and complementary combinations.

This visual trend is one of the most popular this year and is an effective way to make brands creative and capture the viewer’s attention.

It works by using a particular colour combination or common tone for all your posts, especially the use of muted colour palettes, they have a calming effect on followers, a more natural and softer look and allow customers to focus on the message being presented without being distracted by bright colours.


Keyword: inclusivity. It is essential to incorporate inclusivity into your marketing strategy during the planning phase. It is definitely one of the main themes in visual communication today, as it allows brands to connect with their audience on a deeper level.

A glimpse into the future?

What is the next trend in social media?

Right now, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are the trends in social media. The reason is that brands are trying to create an exciting user experience for their customers.

What are you waiting for? Step into the future with AR Marketing.

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