Democratization Of Augmented Reality Technology

Nowadays in order to use augmented reality we have either to use a specific tool such as AR glasses, or to use our smartphone, but for each product or service in augmented reality we need to download a specific app. It is a long and not convenient process, and this is one of the main factor that blocks the success of this cutting-edge technology.

The day every smartphones’ cameras will be directly equipped with an augmented reality feature, it will be the day everybody will use this technology on a daily basis without even thinking about it. The cameras will be equipped with artificial intelligence, they will be able to detect particular localisations. Moreover, for the generalization of this technology, we would need to simplify the access to it for everyone. Maybe by providing the tools for developing AR without any coding knowledge or without the need of hiring developers or collaborate with software companies.

Challenges Slowing Down AR Success

The first challenge concerns the difficulty to develop a 3D interface, it is something complex and expensive, and it requires a particular set of competences.

The second challenge concerns the creation of devices that do not have consequences on the health of the consumers, such as headache or eyestrain.

The third challenge concerns the devices. On one side we have the specific objects such as the AR glasses, the problem is that they are not accessible to everybody because of their high prices. On other side we have the smartphones, which everybody has, but that are not very convenient for long experiences because you have to hold the phone at the level of your head for a long time.

The aim is to reach the point in which people will be easily and at a decent price able to experience AR with free hands.

For now, before reaching the general public, we can expect first a growing of the AR presence among business. The AR experience will be aimed at answering particular needs, such as for training or for the development of particular skills, needed by some professions (military, surgeon, etc). Once manufacturers will have perfected the technology, the general public will become their target.


Until now, only some brave early adopters have used the potential of augmented reality. The day this technology will be accessible by all companies and by all consumers, its potential will be maximized and we will assist to a bloom in creativity and innovation!


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