Augmented Reality: how do we use it

Augmented reality is becoming an innovative and creative way of connecting with customers and increasing engagement. There are many different ways for businesses to use augmented reality, here are some of the most important ones!

Brand Content

Brand content, is the way to create a real brand culture and create an emotional connection between the brand and the customers through unique and strong experiences. For examples, it could be augmented packaging, exclusivities through snap codes like did Lego with an empty shop in the physical world that actually was full in augmented reality, or like Coca cola did by giving access to exclusive snapchat filter in AR when scanning the dedicated code on the can.


Augmented reality has a lot of potential in retail, it can be used before, during and after the purchasing moment. This way of using AR seems to be the one with the most potential for the future. It can be a research tool through a scan code or it can be a way helping the decision process of the consumer before purchasing. A great example is L’Oréal, they developed a new operation in partnership with Snapchat that allows consumer to try on L’Oréal’s make up in augmented reality through Snapchat app. This experience is revolutionary because it combines the convenience of shopping online from home and the need of trying the products as in a physical shop, or even better than in a physical shop since you can try a lot of different products in a minute! 
At AR Market, we realize Augmented Reality logos, interactive brochures and enriched catalogues for shops and companies: it is the better way
to make the customers protagonists and always attract new ones!


Augmented reality can be used in the travel industry. For example it can be used for augmented navigation or for plane information or even to check the size of your luggage with the Easy Jet app. Google Maps develops a pilot program, “Global Localization” that combines street view data with GPS position and your phone’s camera to determine exactly where you are and what direction you are facing in a turn-by-turn way.


In the education field, augmented reality has a lot of potential because it can provide more detailed and clear content in a more entertaining way. The 3D aspect of it also highly increase the memorability of the learning. It can be used both for education and professional training. Examples could be to explore the human body, or to learn history or to learn about famous monuments around the world as one of our book allows!

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