Best 5 Ads In Augmented Reality

Ads in augmented reality have the advantage to create a stronger emotional connection with consumers thanks to their immersive aspect. The interaction creates entertainment and involvement that increase the memorability of the experience and the engagement of the consumer toward the brand. According to the Drum reports, AR can capture people’s attention for over 85 seconds, increase interaction rates by 20 percent, and improve click-through rates to purchase by 33 percent.

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Here are some of the best ads taking advantage of the augmented reality technology:


Pepsi, in March 2014, put an augmented reality vitrine at a bus shelter that looked like a simple glass, but that actually was showing unbelievable things behind it as if it was reality because people waiting at the bus stop did not know it was featured with an augmented reality camera. This ad campaign went viral and generated more than 8 million views. The link with the brand is that the way they used augmented reality is just as unbelievable as their drink that is good even without sugar.


Visa, in 2015, launched an augmented reality campaign based in Poland, to show that with Visa you can try something new. Basically, they created a zoo in AR inside four shopping malls, on a very large LED screen of 15 meters.

Burger King

Burger King, in 2019, created an augmented reality area on its app, with which consumers can “burn” competitors’ ads for fun and win a free meal in exchange. The link with the brand was that “flamed-grill is always better”.


WWF and Coca cola, in 2013, organised an experience to showcase the polar bear extinction on augmented reality at the official European launch event of the Arctic Home Campaign held at the Science Museum in London. The goal was to raise awareness on climate change and on the melting of the Artic, and to attract funds or donations for WWF’s work.

AXE (Lynx Excite)

Lynx Excite, in 2011, organised an augmented reality experience in a train station of London to promote a flagrance. When standing on a determined point, the people could see a pretty and sexy woman angel falling down to earth and sensually moving around the person. The ad was very fun, especially for men!

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