Augmented Reality enters the world of Social Networks

With the rising of AR smartphones, no one can stop the wave of innovation brought by Augmented Reality. After hi-tech giants like Facebook provided emojis and stickers in AR, the world went crazy. By now brands and big players on the market have brought Augmented Reality on Social Networks, gaining many shares on the feeds of people of all ages and obtaining increasingly positive feedbacks… and with good reason!

Realtà Aumentata sui Social Network


Nowadays we’re in the Social Networks Era, from politics to business.

Marketing experts know that they always have to improve their strategies in order to not become obsolete and to offer a service that’s better than the competitors’ ones.

We can’t trust “ancient” techniques anymore, there’s a need of a change that could lead to a differentiation in the customers’ brand perception. There’s nothing easier. Augmented Reality has gained positive feedbacks during 2018 among business that implemented it in their industrial processes, but it obtained much more success among the ones that had changed their social media marketing strategy using this new concept. Just like what happened regarding the transition from traditional advertising to digital advertising, Augmented Reality on Social Networks will contribute to the shift from an “old” digital to a “new” digital, based on innovation and diversity. A good public waits for no one!

Realtà Aumentata sui Social Network


Beginning with the god of Social Network Mark Zuckerberg – maybe the world biggest investor in Augmented Reality – following with Samsung and other mobile phones producers and ending with the big players in the automotive sector such as BMW, everyone is investing in Augmented Reality… why don’t keep up then?

Facebook signed over 700 partnerships with brands and agencies to have a totally AR based publicity and it developed an AR effects platform that works exclusively with hardwares that support this technology.

Speaking about hardwares we can’t forget about Iphone 8 and Iphone X: both of them, thanks to a new chip, support Augmented Reality.

These are the companies that are leading global trends, in fact, after the marketing of these products and the high spending in R&D, Social Networks are plenty of “puppy dogs”, thousands of other masks and new emojis in AR, used by the majority of the users. Have you the world leaders’  mentality and courage?

Realtà Aumentata sui Social Network


One of the most innovative trend, regarding Augmented Reality on Social Network, could be, as the Talkwalker analysis says, the birth and the development of the so called virtual influencers: virtual subjects who create contents, interact with the community and are selected by brands like real influencers, but that, unlike real influencers, don’t need to sign a contract.

According to a research made by Mo Agency, new technologies, AR and AI in the first place, will represent driving factors for marketing strategies in 80% of 2019 businesses.

There will be the long-awaited “virtual differentiation”, a term that stands for a differentiation of communication strategies through AR and VR, to obtain a better customer perception and to increase sales volume.

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