Virtual and Augmented Reality: how the economy will change after the Coronavirus

After the Coronavirus, Virtual and Augmented Reality can change the fate of business in different areas: from industry to e-commerce, technology will take the world one step further.

Physically distant, but always connected

The rules of social distancing impose profound changes in different areas: from the most intimate social relationships to the dynamics of work, we have to deal with new rules, new parameters that will enter gradually into human consciousness, to go to compose a piece of the personological and social characteristics of human beings.
Because of the Coronavirus emergency, today meeting in the physical world has become a problem and maybe in the future it will be necessary to adopt preventive behaviour, but technology now, more than ever, makes communication possible: visors, smartglasses and other supports are helping to rethink communication and relationships. Virtual and Augmented Reality, expecially, play a key role.

Coronavirus and isolation: a technology payback?

If before Covid-19 these technologies were a plus for companies and were often confined to the gamification world, or labelled as unnecessary, the crisis brought by the Coronavirus is accelerating their adoption on many fronts: education and training, human resources, marketing…Therefore, it is no longer just entertainment, but also a requirement for many companies that want to survive the social and economic earthquake.


Teachers are starting to use 360° models to interface with students and to create distance learning content. Companies are adopting Virtual and Augmented Reality for training and education of employees, to assess their skills and to manage personnel selection.

Fields that benefit from these technologies are also those of system maintenance and customer service. Not being able to move, the staff (technical and non-technical, qualified and not) can take advantage of virtual environments, can be remotely guided and share materials and information.

Soaring e-commerce

E-commerce is growing a lot: many activities forced to close temporarily by Coronavirus, have opened their online stores, expanding the customer experience, making it more immersive and engaging.

And if for Virtual Reality you need to wear a viewer, for Augmented Reality a simple smartphone is enough. We have the technology of the future in our pockets!

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