Katy Perry and her performance of "Daisies" in Augmented Reality

Recently Katy Perry released her first single for the upcoming album, using the Augmented Reality technology.

Daisies, an unforgettable performance in Augmented Reality

Pop star Katy Perry is expecting a baby, and her pregnancy, combined with restrictions due to the pandemic caused by the Coronavirus, have prevented her from performing live. So, instead of performing for a small audience, she decided to use Augmented Reality, which allowed her to overlap digital elements with physical reality, so her fans could have an immersive and engaging experience of an “augmented” real environment.

Behind the scenes with Katy Perry

Katy Perry recorded her performance of “Daisies” using a green screen. While, usually, Augmented Reality can be experienced by looking through the camera of a mobile phone or tablet, in her particular case a crane camera (like the ones used in cinema) was used, pointed at the artist.
There was only a very rudimentary structure on stage: a microphone and a chair. The rest of the environment was created thanks to a green screen. The green screen and the chair, covered with the same material as the green screen, hid the rest of the background.
The artist, therefore, moved on an empty stage: Augmented Reality filled that void with all the elements and special effects the audience could enjoy.

Augmented Reality for artists

Unlike the realization of videos through the simple use of a green screen, the camera has some sensors to recognize particular parameters in space, manipulated and controlled by digital artists.
Katy Perry’s experience can be extended to any artist and/or performer: using new technologies, such as Augmented Reality, is a powerful way to reach a wide range of fans around the world and delight them with truly special performances, standing out from the competition!

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