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CES 2022 – The most interesting news from Las Vegas

CES 2022, the largest electronics trade show that welcomed visitors from all over the world, is over. Despite the lack of participation of several companies, many hi-tech innovations were presented mainly aimed at improving the well-being and life of everyone.

This edition of the Consumer Electronic Show marked the return in presence after last year’s digital version, however due to the spread of contagions and the presence of the new Omicron variant, many companies decided to forfeit, among them Amazon, Meta, Google and Microsoft.

Also, the number of visitors was reduced to 30 per cent and the fair closed a day early as an additional measure to the health protocol already in place.

As many as 2,200 companies took part, presenting new proposals and solutions with a particular focus on health, sport, psychophysical wellbeing, quality of the home environment, video game entertainment, artificial intelligence and home automation.

AR Market also participated with the Italian representative Italian Trade Agency to present our 360° virtual spaces enriched by digital content and immersive AR/VR tech for Training, Retailing, Events and Tourism. Here is a video demo to enjoy some of them

Here are some of the most interesting news of this edition:

PlayStation VR2

Sony has released a lot of information and details about its upcoming virtual reality headset which will be called PSVR2.

The technical data, including 4K HDR resolution, OLED display, head detection and eye-tracking technology, make the device extremely innovative.

Players will be able to sense a character’s heart rate during moments of tension, the passage of objects grazing the character’s head or the thrust of a vehicle under acceleration.

The controllers, on the other hand, had already been unveiled, but at CES we discovered their name: “PlayStation VR2 Sense Controllers.”

OneLife X Air Purifier

The OneLife X air purifier delivers clinically clean air through a dishwasher-safe filter, allowing users to breathe air free from germs, pollutants, and even the smallest dust particles.

Sustainably built with renewable materials such as recycled plastic and bamboo, the OneLife X is highly energy efficient with a low-power profile that runs absolutely silent.

Users also can control the device via Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home assistant, Apple’s Siri or via an iOS or Android app. 

They can change the device’s modes, ask about the status of the filter, and inquire about indoor air quality with their voice or touch of the screen. 

Hisense ULED 4K Mini LED TV

Hisense announced at CES 2022 the first Laser TV model with 8K resolution that provides high performance and high image quality. The range of TVs unveiled by Hisense sees its first series of ULED TVs with Mini LED backlight at the top, specifically the U9H series with 8K panel and the U8H series with 4K panel.

Both models offer support for all HDR formats, HDMI 2.1 inputs and compatibility with 4K video at 120 Hz.

The Hisense U9H is available in 75- and 85-inch sizes, which reach a peak brightness of 2,000 cd/m2, while the U8H series is available in 55-inch, 65-inch and 75-inch sizes with brightness that will reach up to 1,500 cd/m2.

Bcool Digital Thermometer

The French company Baracoda Daily Healthtech has presented the Bcool digital thermometer.

Its peculiarity is that it does not need batteries or power supply, to activate it is sufficient to shake it.

This thermometer is equipped with BMotion technology that uses movements to recharge the battery: just a few shakes are enough to supply the system to ensure the measurement of temperature.

The thermometer connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth to monitor your health, with a profile for each family member.

Kohler and PerfectFill technology

Kohler unveiled PerfectFill technology, which allows the bathtub to be filled with the desired temperature via voice command or app.

Thanks to the Kohler Konnect App, you can program your bath time and simply use a voice command to empty the tub.

La nuova vasca da bagno Kohler si riempie da sola - Domus

Y-Brush Toothbrush

Developed with oral health specialists, the Y-Brush toothbrush allows you to brush your teeth in 10 seconds.

Unlike the regular brush heads we find in most toothbrushes, the Y-Brush has a mouth guard-like structure that is completely covered with nylon bristles. 

All the user has to do is sprinkle the bristles with their toothpaste, place the device on the dental arch and start the vibration.

These are just a few of the many innovations presented at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, while waiting to learn more you can follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages or visit our website to stay up to date on news from the digital world.

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