augmented reality in sport

Augmented reality is already part of the lives of thousands of people in many different sectors. But it is perhaps the entertainment sector that can make the most of this new technology. Among the many augmented reality games, there are also games in the sports sector. Augmented reality in sport is about that.
First, we must make a premise, because it is not yet clear to everyone that augmented reality is not virtual reality. When we talk about augmented reality we talk about a technology that allows us to have a better perception of reality. Maybe it can help to drive a vehicle, to see obstacles that would otherwise not be noticed.



With augmented reality in sport you can play, such as in the famous game where Pokemon is hunted. On the contrary, virtual reality creates a real virtual environment, which replaces the real one. There is no interaction between the two, they are two separate worlds.



It is clear that the very nature of augmented reality makes it perfect for a dynamic sector like that of sport. The augmented reality for sport can be used according to two different points of view: the first is that which benefits sports professionals, while the second is that which can be exploited by those who are passionate about sports but do not practice it on a level. professional. Augmented reality has come a while in the sports industry. Not only directly on the competition fields, but also behind the scenes. In tennis, for example, it is now an essential element to determine if the ball bounces in or out of the field: it is called Hawk-eye and allows us to have more information about the trajectory of the ball. The same system is used in other sports, such as football or volleyball. In some circumstances, it may even change the referee’s decision. 


If sports professionals can reap great benefits from the use of augmented reality in sport, even fans can now follow their team even more closely. The big football teams are moving in this direction, offering their fans the opportunity to use augmented reality to get closer to the team, see their favorites in virtual version and maybe even take a selfie (always virtual) with them. For example, AR Market, through its app, allows users to be photographed with the very famous football player Ronaldinho in augmented reality
augmented reality in sport realtà aumentata nello sport


But not only football lovers can experience augmented reality linked to sport. Even so many other sports are adapting, introducing apps for augmented reality that allow fans to get even closer to their beloved sport. Cycling, fitness, cricket, winter sports and much more: now there are apps to increase the reality in many different contexts, to live even more closely and in an even more engaging way a race, a game or simply to train with greater awareness thus obtaining even better results. The future is already here, you just have to let it in and hold out your hand.

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