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Edutainment: What is it and why is it important?

Since a few years, schools and universities are facing new challenges that are radically transforming the traditional teaching methods. 

In fact, they started to experience the so-called DAD (Distance Learning) which, despite having caught teachers, students and parents unprepared, has become an excellent opportunity to learn and experiment with new learning methods: one of these is definitely the “Edutainment”. 

What is Edutainment? 

The term Edutainment comes from the union of the words “Education” and “Entertainment” and can be translated as “educational fun”, is basically a form of entertainment aimed to both educate and entertain. 

Usually Edutainment seeks to educate people through the most popular forms of entertainment, such as TV programs, video games, movies, music, websites, apps, etc., enhancing the playful component. 

What are the benefits of Edutainment? 

This form of learning can be applied in classrooms, homes, universities, offices and beyond, offering numerous benefits for students, teachers and employees, including: 


– Increased motivation, involvement and concentration;

– Improved understanding of theoretical concepts in a playful way;

– Independence in learning stages;

– Improved creativity and visualization;

– On-the-go learning, education in fact is not limited to classrooms, they can bring their digital devices and learn anywhere.

Teachers and Educators 

– Improves teaching and learning methods which become interactive and collaborative; 

– Use of technology tools to create engaging, interesting and fun classroom activities; 

– Enhanced digital culture in schools, colleges, universities and other educational organizations.

Corporate employees

– Fruition of corporate training in an interactive, engaging and memorable way;

– Virtual simulations for learning hard and soft skills.

Our Edutainment proposals for kids 

The AR Market team has created various solutions for Edutainment based on augmented reality technology with the aim of stimulating the interest, creativity and reasoning of children. 

Here are some of them: 

1) Travel Around The World 

ViaggiAR is an interactive colouring book in Augmented Reality for children aged 5+. The child can color the monuments and, framing them with the App AR Market Junior on a tablet or smartphone, he will see them appearing in the way he had colored them or he can discover them in 3D. Moreover, using the potential offered by Augmented Reality, children can have fun discovering many curiosities about the most famous monuments in the world, all in multi-language.  

2) The Fairy Tale of the 3 Little Pigs

“The Fairy Tale of the Three Little Pigs” is an interactive story in Augmented Reality for children aged 3+. By framing the pages with our free AR Market Junior App, the child can read and listen to the story in multi-language, bring the characters to life and also have fun and interact with them, coloring and playing.

A new, exciting and educational way to experience a fairy tale that combines tradition and innovation and stimulates the imagination of children. 

3) Logopedia Game

Logopedia Game is an App created in collaboration with the speech therapist Dr. Giulia Marucci that offers children fun and interactive activities with the intent to improve language skills, foster creativity and reasoning, increase knowledge and enhance executive functions. It is suitable for preschool and primary school children who have language difficulties or disorders, for speech therapists who can use it as an integral part of the therapy path with young patients and also for parents who want their children to practice with educational games. It is available for iOS and Android devices. 

4) The Ugly Duckling

With the App “The Ugly Duckling” children have the opportunity to listen to one of their favorite fairy tales in multi-language, interacting with the characters thanks to the Augmented Reality games. 

The App allows the child to experience the fairy tale in a completely innovative and interactive way, combining fun and learning. It is available for iOS and Android devices.

We at AR Market strongly believe in the potential of Edutainment and we work hard every day to create and develop new stimulating play and learning solutions to engage children, parents, teachers and more. 

To get an overview of what we do and what we can do for you, visit our website and our shop.

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