Augmented Reality in Tourism: areas of application

Talking about Augmented Reality in tourism is not as easy as it may sound. Just think about how many types of vacation exist, how anyone’s motivations change according to personal interests and how many solutions are already offered by the touristic sector. AR, with its endless possibilities, finds in tourism an inexhaustible source of applications in every part of this market.

Realtà Aumentata nel turismo


AR inside museums is, maybe, one of the most used ways to implement Augmented Reality in tourism. At the Art Gallery of Ontario, Canada, for example, in 2017 opened an “augmented” exhibition. By framing the pictures and representations with our portable device’s camera, we would have seen the images in front of us come to life, giving us a more engaging experience compared to a traditional museum tour.

Other than digital animation, Augmented Reality can be used to add info about the framed work of art, functioning as a virtual guide. It’s this, in fact, the idea on which KeyARt is based: an italian app, available either on Apple Store or Google Play, that supports 22 among the most important museums in the world, such as the Louvre Museum (Paris), the Moma (New York) and the Hermitage (Saint Petersburg).

Realtà Aumentata nel turismo


The applications of Augmented Reality in tourism can relate to small digital elements added to the surrounding world or spectacular reconstructions with a big visual impact.

Regarding the latter we can’t forget about Past View. Past View is a project that uses AR, VR and the last graphic technologies to overlay on the offline world a reconstruction of how a determined location would have been seen in the past. Through a web site it’s possible to book a tour, lasting about 2 hours, that relies on the use of smart glasses – AR and VR visors – to ensure an immersive experience. Thanks to Past View it is possible, for example, to visit the Acropolis and see it as if we were in the Ancient Greece, also with audio/video digital guides.

It’s likely that similar projects will begin to catch on in the near future, changing completely the experiences of many travelers.


Restoration is surely an area to take into consideration when we speak about Augmented Reality in tourism. This field has always been a focal point in the tourism market, either when the trip is purely gastronomic, either during all the other types of travel. As an example of application of Augmented Reality in the restoration area, this time, we won’t go far, but we’re going to talk about an initiative promoted by AR Market itself.

AR Market developed a digital platform in which are contained all the AR solutions proposed by the company. The app, called, precisely, AR Market, can be downloaded either on Apple devices or Android ones and, inside, it offers many categories, including Tourism and Restoration (Food & Drinks). AR Market, thanks to Augmented Reality, proposes digital menus with much more information and interaction compared to their paper counterpart, joining the restoration world to technological advancement and innovation.

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Augmented Reality can be an important tool also to those who want to travel discovering nature. ViewRanger Skyline, for example, is an AR app made for those who love hiking. Inside the app there are many routes – all around the world – in which, thanks to Augmented Reality, we can find many information about everything surrounding us, like a true digital guide: in this way it’s possible to learn new things without losing the immersivity that characterizes an hike.

Realtà Aumentata nel turismo

Augmented Reality in tourism finds many applications and more and more activities are investing in this technology. If you want to know how to grow your business with AR, contact us filling in the form below! AR Market will help you through the whole process.