Augmented Reality in the Recruitment Process

Augmented Reality technology enters in all fields of today’s world, even in the recruitment process! It can be useful both for attracting and selecting new human resources.

• Attracting

The employer can use Augmented Reality to showcase their brand, communicate in a more engaging and memorable way the company’s values, give a clear sense of the company’s culture and show what is like to work there. This can be done through a virtual tour of the headquarters for example. Or through a work experience simulation, which could be used both during the recruitment process and after the selection in order to train new employees on some key skills. Companies looking for innovating and young minds have a real interest in developing an AR recruiting experience, because it will attract in particular people reflecting this innovative state of mind.

What’s more, an outstanding recruiting experience like this would stay in the mind of the potential future employee and put one company at the first place in his mind compared to the other eventual companies for which the targeted human resource is applying.

• Selecting

The employer can use Augmented Reality to select the right future employee. They can create a game using the AR technology to test potential and capacities of the candidates, it can also be an easy and fast way to rank them automatically according to their score.

By simulating the work environment, and give a concrete typical task to the candidates through AR, companies can have a clear impression of what the person in front of them is able to do and how he would react, or how he would solve a particular problem. All these are very important information that are way more difficult to assess during a standard recruiting process. For example, for jobs requiring to work in a stressing and difficult circumstances it is way easier to create pressure through an immersive AR experience.



Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are amazing tools that can only improve the real reality! Discover our other articles to learn on what other field AR is used!

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