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5G technology is a revolution not only as a matter of your phone’s speed but mostly a revolution in the industry as a whole. It is a boost to self-driving cars, drones, the internet of things and augmented reality reaching its actual potential. It gives us faster and more stable connections, rapid data download and upload speeds, and wider coverage.

i benefici del 5g

5G has been present as a hot topic for more than a year already, but this is the time when we’re finally starting to see the substantial results and the development bearing fruit.

With 5G tech we are going to connect everything around us 100 times faster than our cellular connection and 10 times faster than our speediest home broadband service. It is life changing!

Nevertheless, 5G is so much more than the speed. Responsiveness and reach could unlock the full capabilities of other hot trends in AR technology. 

Think about self-driving cars. Many in the automotive industry don’t believe that a fully autonomous vehicle is possible to exist without a 5G network. With 5G connection vehicles can talk to each other and millions of sensors built around the city in real time: from street lamps to gas stations. They’ll know when another car is changing lanes or braking thus can adjust to manage traffic accordingly and most importantly lower the risk of the accidents. 

i benefici del 5g

5G doesn’t benefit the industry only. The network could also have environmental impacts when used in smart agriculture (honeybees protection). And how AR finds its potential in this new technology? Let’s take a look at some examples.

Remote surgeries

Imagine a surgery performed by a doctor who is in a completely different place. It will literally change the world and take AR to the next level. Wireless technologies are about to eager like never before.

A 5G network virtually eliminates the lag time between a device pinging the network and getting a response it, which means a surgeon may not need to be in the same room as a patient in the future. Companies are calling this idea the “internet of skills” that would enable you to transfer your expertise over a great distance in real time using robotics and haptic feedback.

Let’s go further. The surgery feedback is not the only example of how touch will play into the 5G network. With haptic feedback, we’ll be able to transmit the tactile sensation of experience, enhancing the sights and sounds of any video experience. That will require applications in the urban area as a whole new design and technology.

i benefici del 5g

The nature of AR applications will also grow more sophisticated, with truly shared and social real time augmented reality experiences. 5G will not only improve, but furtherly will also be a requirement for some of the most exciting AR and VR applications. AR applications can be very sensitive to network performance, with any interruption having a significant negative impact on user experience. 

We live in the era of consumption, and data consumption at its best. Specially video and music streaming increases. This is leading to breakdowns in service, particularly when many users in the same area are trying to access online mobile services at the same time. With 5G technology number of different devices will be able to connect to the network simultaneously. Besides there are other multiple uses cases, such as real-time rendering for immersive video, shorter download and setup times and extension of brands and shopping experiences beyond stores.


In this environment, AR applications would be able to offload much of the intensive processing to the cloud, opening AR applications out to new, smaller, more energy efficient and cheaper form factors. The transmitting of AR-enhanced live events could be one example.

i benefici del 5g

The synergy between AR and 5G will also expand the potential for remote control drone and robot operation through enhanced HUDs (Heads Up Displays).


5G technology gives the world unimaginable possibilities and definitely unlocks the full potential of AR solutions. Some even say the future of immersive is reliant on 5G. And of course, just as we get our heads around what 5G can do, scientists are already working on the next big thing…

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