We act as publisher for artists, writers, painters and singers to enrich their works and exhibitions, creating interactive experiences for their clients thanks to AR technology.

We are open to partnership with publisher and game producers or distributors.

If you have an idea, project or product that you think can be enriched with our experiences and if you want to be at the forefront of the use of AR technology, do not hesitate to contact us.

realtà aumentata roma


We use the innovative technology of augmented reality to enrich publishing products, such as books, comics, magazines and everything available on classic paper, turning them into interactive, engaging and value-added experiences for the public.

We operate as publishers to publish and enrich with augmented reality the works of independent artists and illustrators. Contact us to find out more.

realtà aumentata roma
realtà aumentata roma


We create experiences in augmented reality for artists who aspire to offer a new way of living a concert or to enhance the musical culture of their audience.

realtà aumentata roma

The CD of your favourite singer comes to life with AR. By pointing the camera of the smartphone on the CD, the singer and video of each song will appear by magic.

realtà aumentata roma

We imagine a world where fans can hunt exclusive content from an artist’s new hit. A new way to do marketing for music, creating word of mouth and valuable relationships

realtà aumentata roma

AR as a tool to connect the younger audience to the music industry. Music’s biggest influencers may become educators, passing their expertise in a new and different way.

realtà aumentata roma

AR has the potential to make fans feel part of their favourite artist’s concerts, increasing the experience thanks to the technology.


The AR applied to games is a real opportunity to make them more interesting. We innovate traditional games turning them into a new experience, more engaging and exciting. We create new dynamics in all the games giving them new life and adding educational content.

If you imagine games for adults and children, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you to make them more engaging.


  • 360° gaming experience
  • More interactive and engaging mental activities
  • Increased socialization, sharing a new gaming experience
realtà aumentata roma


We augment the works of artists and painters, allowing a wider audience to approach the art in a new way. Augmented reality is having a central role in the fruition of the work of art; in fact, it is a new way of bringing young people closer to the world of art and painting, using interfaces, tools and gamification that are closer to their way of enjoying multimedia contents.

We are the ideal solution for artists, galleries and creators

We change and enrich the way art is created and consumed

We create a new way to experience art with a passionate community

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