Augmented Reality in automotive: helmets and virtual assistants


Not only Elon Musk is revolutionizing the automotive world. The new technologies applied to this growing branch are uncountable. From professional drivers to new drivers, when the price drops, according to the logic of innovation and economy, the whole world will experience what for now only oligarchs and magnates can afford. At the forefront of the inventions that will change the automotive industry we’ve the augmented reality, thanks to innovative sensors applied to the viewers, or to the car itself, is able to evaluate the performance of a driver, but also to dramatically reduce accidents thanks to guide support. Often the various devices are connected to each other and able to “communicate” in order to obtain maximum security for their users.Few people know that the augmented reality is literally revolutionizing the automotive sector … Let’s find out how!



Would you like to drive your future car before buying it? From today it is possible. Many large multinational companies are investing millions of dollars to provide strong sales support to dealers through applications in AR, VR and XR. Among the many stands out the giant BMW who knows how important a differentiated customer experience is for customer loyalty and for the sale of high quality products.


The initiative was launched in a series of dedicated sales points to offer customers cars that are not in the seller’s warehouse for logistical reasons. Imagine you want to buy a new car, go to your trusted seller, and run the simulated test drive in a completely digitalized way, trying the same emotions and sensations as a guide in the real world.


Through a viewer you will be able to analyze the product in real size both from the outside and from the inside, having the ability to check all the technical specifications and customize the bodywork to create the car of your dreams independently!



These two Inventions represent the real spearhead of augmented reality applied to the automotive industry. The Head-up Displays are projectors designed to be applied to the windshield of your car to get a virtual assistant guide that coordinates your choices in real time. In addition, they will be essential in the autonomous cars for the entertainment of the driver. They are not just navigators, they are real drivers at the service of drivers. In the industrial departments of giants such as Porsche and Hyundai, there are already prototypes that exploit speech recognition so that the recommendations are not only visual but also sound. Many forecasts shows that assisted driving will allow a huge reduction in accidents and deaths on the 4 wheels. In addition, they will certainly be applied in international competitions for an even more engaging challenge. From a technical point of view the fields of application are uncountable: from driving cars to driving spacecraft. Through a satellite they are able to identify closed roads, any traffic congestions, the best route to get to the destination and you won’t need to wait long hours to stop at a bar in the center because they also easily signal free parking slots!



We could not not mention the world of the two wheels. Although the automotive sector has been subject to adequate modernization, the same can not be said for motorcycles. Fortunately, the smart helmets come to solve this problem. They are nothing but like any other helmet, only a thousand times more terrific. The most advanced model for now on the market is Jarvish, a helmet that has 3 virtual assistants already well known by the global audience (Alexa of Amazon, Siri of Apple, and Assistant of Google). In fact, using the voice commands you can use all the basic functionalities such as phone calls, send messages, check emails and more without diverting your attention from the guide. Beyond this there is the possibility to record your trip, and you can even film what is happening behind your motorcycle. Obviously they could not miss useful data to drive safely such as weather conditions, speed, vehicle status, traffic congestion detection and alerts in case of immediate danger. The driving experience is just one of the aspects of the changes brought by the fourth industrial revolution and it is good to stay informed about what will be the most important innovations or you risk to remain in a world that now … no longer exists.

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